Marschall Acoustics Instruments, the source for innovative ideas and science applications.
Marschall Acoustics developed and owns fundamental patents in hydrophone design, underwater acoustics, and sonars -
  particularly in solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamer design.  Some of this technology is licensed to various
manufacturing companies.  Contact us directly if you have any questions in this regard.






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Custom Solutions to Meet the Most Demanding Requirements

We have many years experience working in a broad cross section of industries and technology development processes. We are happy to provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Areas of Expertise

We are happy to provide a range of options from hourly rates to fixed price. We prioritise understanding the project details and scope to provide a complete solution to keep your costs low while increasing efficiency and reliability. Many of our products are used in projects and environments where failure is not an option.

At MAI we don't just talk the talk

We have numerous technology patents and publications